renter's guide

Many people have missed the perfect apartment because they did not have their financial information with them at the time of application. Please gather the following information and documentation in advance of your apartment search so that you maximize your possibilities:

  • 1. Letter from employer stating position, salary and length of employment
  • 2. Last two pay stubs
  • 3. Last two years tax returns
  • 4. Last two months bank statements
  • 5. Name, address and phone number of previous landlord
  • 6. Two personal references
  • 7. Two professional references
  • 8. Verification of other assets such as real estate, securities, if applicable
  • 9. Photo identification

Financial Requirements

Most landlords require that your guaranteed income be between 40 to 50 times the monthly rent. If the rent is $3000 one would have to earn $120,000 (3000 x 40).

Requirements for a guarantor

Landlords require guarantors to earn between 80 to 100 times the monthly rent. A $2000 monthly rental would require the guarantor's income to be $160,000 (2000 x80)